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How can anyone seriously watch Nancy Grace or Jane Velez-Mitchell? Let me explain.

Today (6/12/2013) I woke up ok. I was even feeling a little better than usual without any need of extra medicine. My daughter was dressed and watching Alice in Wonderland around 7:15am. As she waited for her ride to take her to Bible School I came into my bedroom and played some music. At first I listened to some Post Metal/Hardcore,  then some Progressive Metal. After a few minutes my anxiety had risen to the point of driving me crazy. I tried entering the words Relax, then Chill on my 8tracks Windows 8 app and tried to listen to something soothing. Nothing seemed to calm me down. At this point my daughter was back home and sleeping so I decided to take a nap.

I don’t know if it pertains to what was happening but as I was panicking I kept putting on more clothes. I live a little north of Atlanta. Georgia and most normal people would be wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts at this time. I was wearing a hoody and sweat pants before I climbed in to bed pulling two blankets over me.

I slept from 2pm until 7pm.

When I woke up I walked into the front room where I found my daughter and wife. My baby girl was playing with Legos and Spiderman Squinkies. My wife was sitting up on the edge of the couch looking frazzled. We had had a scary day yesterday where we had to rush our daughter to the hospital because she was breaking out due to an allergic reaction. After all of that sleep I was still having some sort of an anxiety attack but I traded places with my wife so that she could get some truly deserved sleep.

We live with my wife’s parents. The Multiple Sclerosis and pain has made it so I can no longer work. My wife can not find a job in this small city we live in, but even if she could she has to do a lot with just being a mother, and a care giver for me. My wife is in school so we may still have a bright future, but today we barely take home any money.

So as I am sitting in our little front room where my daughter is playing all I hear is what my wife’s dad is watching. Which happens to be Nancy Grace.

I’m sure she is getting really heated because of Jodi Arias, or Trayvon Martin, or Teen Pregnancy,, or why balloons make a squeaky sound when you rub them real hard. It is so loud and obnoxious that it is deafening and maddening. Why does she feel the need to yell everything she says? Football coaches are quieter than her, during the Super Bowl! Another fact is that she invites these guests on her show via satellite, usually two people but sometimes up to five. All she does is try to force her opinion down on these people. If the person stands their ground and voices their opinion then it turns into an over the air catfight of who is the loudest voice of exaggeration of them all. Don’t get me started on Jane Velez-Mitchell. She’s even worse, sometimes she forgets what she is arguing about, and she still continues.

So with my anxiety making my skin crawl I told my daughter that it was bedtime. I told her she could watch a movie or even play a game, just anything so that we could leave the surrounding area of the television’s verbal barrage.

nancy grace

Nancy Grace pretends to eat Subway