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bratkilla big at decks
I have listened to Bratkilla for close to a year. I love his album “The Forbidden Notes“.
Now I am going to talk about his latest endeavor.
With “Full ForceBratkilla doesn’t really change his sound from “The Sanktum“, which itself doesn’t change much from “The Forbidden Notes”. But what “Full Force” does is add a more metallic, grinding noise to its distortions. In doing so the two songs on the single are as heavy, if not heavier than anything Bratkilla has created.
Before, Bratkilla‘s songs had change ups in the melody, but never really in the structure. With these new songs there are constant variations. The chug is still there, moving the songs along with powerful movement. Then out of the blue there will be a new style added to the mix restructuring the song into a new identity. It makes for more memorable songs, and it makes you want to listen to the songs repeatedly.
You can create an account to by signing up through facebook, twitter or email, in order to create your own Bratkilla mix.
You can find “The Forbidden Notes” as well as “The Sanktum” by using the Spotify application.
Your best bet though is to install iItunes and browse their store by searching for Bratkilla. They have pretty much everything by him, and at very affordable prices.