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Grant painting steamin madI mentioned in one of my prior blogs that I am good friends with an excellent artist.  His name is Grant Searcey. I have visited his gallery/studio almost every Saturday, sometimes also on Wednesday, since December 2012. I stay around his shop talking to him and his wife for almost the entire day. It is great to have a sympathizer that allows me to visit his place of work, during business hours, to discuss anything happening in my life. In doing so it shatters pieces of my walls that lock in a lot of my anxieties. Grant himself is a survivor of having a heart transplant, then after that he fought and won a battle with cancer. He is a true warrior and someone I respect.

What I want to talk about, or brag about rather, is that I am commissioning a painting with him. His specialty in art is painting vibrant animals using acrylics, and for a while now he has been incorporating a steampunk element.

Croc King by Vegas Mike

Croc King by Vegas Mike
(The pose I want my gator in)

So I decided that I wanted to see his version of a steampunk alligator. I didn’t have any real reason behind why, I just know that I love the creature. I kind of feel like an alligator is my spirit animal. It honestly doesn’t have much to do with the Florida Gators, even though I am a big fan and have lived in Gainesville, Florida half my life (I still have family there). I tell him that I want a 4×3 painting. Wide, instead of tall. I had been browsing through pictures on and had found a pose of an alligator bursting out of a swamp, so I showed him the picture. I also told him I wanted it more macabre than his usual work. Other than those specifics I let him have free reign.

What Grant came up with is amazing.

The gator is located in the bottom, left hand side, in a swamp, with a city scape further in the distance. A science laboratory is in the upper right hand corner connected with sewage pipes a little lower. Oozes,  pill bottles, needles, and other miscellaneous toxins are flooding out of the pipes back into the swamp. To the right of the gator, beneath the pipes is a pile of human remains.

What I got out of the picture is:

  • The city scape = The Medical Society and everyone I have ever had to deal with concerning my sickness.
  • The laboratory = The hub where all of the medicine is created that is to be administered.
  • The pipes leaking into the swamp = Every medicine that has ever entered my system.
  • The alligator  = Me, angry after being transformed from my natural state into the now metallic and rusted state.
  • The human remains = All of the demons that I have had to deal with.
He is planning on having the painting finished prior to August 30th, 2013 for his upcoming Dragon*Con booth in Atlanta. When he finishes it I will take some pictures and probably post a super positive War Journal blog.
Steaming Mad by Grant Searcey

Steaming Mad by Grant Searcey

I love ya brother. Thanks for letting me write this.